idea: reframing this

I want to be honest about where I’m at with this space.

I am no longer inspired. With 5 articles on hold and an abundance of time, I should be able to create something here that energizes. But I have encountered a problem with my vision. The thing driving me to create is not enough. The foundation I built out was too narrow. The space too small.

Now I find myself in a place of review, examining all of what has come before to determine what deserves to stay.

What is writing without revisions? What is a plan without scrapping the plan? Parts of the plan may be salvageable, but most of it will not be. Fragments recovered.

In this way, I have approached my effort here and begun to recalibrate the system I used. There is a new framework I will use to create. A new foundation I will build upon. I want to open up this space to whimsy and creativity it was so constrained by before.

I am ready to sit down and control my thoughts. Ready to put words on a page. Ready to learn what it means to write.

This is my task and my desire. I have hid by the doorway for too long to stop where I am now.

So let’s see if this is what I am made for.

Author: Ben Fridge